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15 June 2014 @ 10:20am
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the red viper of Dorne

my dornish hottie (・∀・ )

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So the only reasonable way I saw fit to calm my feelings about this movie was a simple solution. DRAW ALL THE DRAGONS. Guys go see HTTYD 2, hands down it was probably the best animated film I’ve seen in a while.

Oh my god this art style

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 No man dared tread on him.

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films with teens driving around the city at night and falling in love with each other to cool soundtracks would be great if they weren’t all so damn heterosexual where’s my fuckin mediocre lesbian indie movie with shitty rock music and and they fall in love and wear each other’s hoodies where the FUCK is my FUCKGjng

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part 1/?: aurora’s apprentices

Oh my god

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May your lipstick be the reddest and your eyeliner be symmetrical.

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did Delilah ever say what it’s like in new york city???

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The Deer God’s Forest at nightPrincess Mononoke

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